Tetra Pak


Smart for the Planet

There are 3 R’s in Smarrrt.



It just grows back!
Consisting of mainly paper from wood, a Tetra Brik package has a high content of renewable material. New trees are simply planted to replace what has been harvested. Using a resource that grows back to absorb CO2 has. of course, a positive effect on the carbon footprint


Leaving a smaller footprint
Consumers care about a product’s impact on the environment. So do we. By using green energy and targeting processes that we can make more efficient, our goal is a 10% absolute reduction of carbon emissions (2005-2010) as part of the WWF Climate Savers initiative.


Flexing our muscles at recyclables
Tetra Pak make substantial investments in our markets in order to improve consumer awareness, collection & sorting systems as well as recycling capacity. i doing this, we ensure that even more of our packages are recycled and used as raw materials for new products.

Marketing your brands by using environmentally sound packages makes sense for you consumers.

Smart Shape


The space saver
The Tetra Brik package is geometrically the most efficient shape possible. In a way, it is the closest thing to not having a package at all.

Smart distribution
Tetra Brik packaging material comes on a roll using 40% less space than pre-cut carton blanks. Straight from the roll we create the rectangular shape of the Tetra Brik package, geometrically the most efficient shape possible.This of course, impacts heavily on your distribution costs.

Shelf to shelf convenience
Consumers like convenience. Our packages are easy to stack on a shelf, put in a shopping trolley, easy to pack in a bag, they stand up in the trunk of your car, they don’t break if you drop them and, finally at home, they have the same shape as your fridge or cupboard. That’s convenient.

Smart for people


Everyday Smart
Marketing your products in a Tetra Brik package means, that PEOPLE can experience almost EVERYTHING in beverages, almost EVERYWHERE around the globe.

People Smart
The Tetra Brik range offers a package for any occasion, for any consumer. School kids on the go, high consuming families or the single young cosmopolitan, they al l have everyday demands that you can fulfill with our packages. Proof of concept? Each year, around the globe, people consume a hundred billion products protected by Tetra Brik or Tetra Brik aseptic package

Everything Smart
The Tetra Brik was originally developed for chilled products. Today, using state of the art aseptic technology and chilled technology we can handle almost everything that’s fluid and edible.

Everywhere Smart
North or South. Hot or Cold. Fridge or no Fridge. Offering over 1500 configurations, odds are we have a solution that fits your demand. With presence in 138 countries and annual sales of 100 billion packages we can service your needs and serve your consumers. What’s smart for you?

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