Nissan Van Gaalen race is definitely the toughest in the series by a long way.

It was 40 degrees on the day and what better way to end your race. Ice cold LOADED Smoothies as 2000 entrants came over the finishline

“I thought it is going to be like all the other Nissan races, but I soon got a rude awakening. Those massive climbs and technical downhills with a lot of single track made for some really tough riding. But it should not sound like I am complaining. The Van Gaalen race was still a great mountain biking experience. I rode some of the most stunning single track sections ever. The organizers should be complimented on the route they selected for the race.”

Tough was the word that was used by most of the back markers when they were asked to describe their racing experiences. The heat unfortunately did not make things easier for them. Towards midday the temperature soared to about 40 degrees Celsius.

Slahde Seale said overall it was a nice racing experience.

“The single track sections were awesome and I enjoyed the technical downhills. The hills were tough.”

Terry de Jager described the single track sections as absolutely awesome.

Christiaan Coetzer said he very much enjoyed the first half of the race and the last few kilometers.

“What I did not enjoy was the middle part of the race with its long single track sections. Riding for kilometers on end over bumpy grass and loose rocks takes a lot out of your body.”

Thanks to the guys from Advendurance for organising such an awesome event. We look forward to the next one!

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