Van Damme Is Back!

But this time he’s the one getting his Beeehind whooped!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Loaded is everywhere. We don’t focus all our attention on one particular thing (because you don’t only need our nutritional value and awesome taste at one time in the day). We surf, we wakeboard, we play soccer and we rock out at music festivals. We even get involved in the Adventure Boot camps. We’re everywhere you are, and everything you need to get going!

Most recently we were at a women’s self defence talk hosted by Adventure Boot Camp, where SA’s favourite weatherman Derek Van Damme took a bit of a beating from a woman old enough to be his mom!



This was hosted at the Adventure Boot Camp Loaded Smoothies challenge at Suikerbossie on one glorious Saturday morning.

We’re not sure the other Van Damme would be so happy about this…

More pics on the Loaded Facebook page HERE.

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