Oppikoppi 2010: Brought To You By LOADED Smoothies

LOADED Smoothies, never wanting to miss a good time, sent Nash of Bangers and Nash to represent us at Oppikoppi. He drove up to Joburg, from Cape Town, in a day, hit the festival for four days and headed straight back down! Powered of course by our delicious smoothies.

oppi beeld

Here’s a short summary of his trip.

“Let me kick this off by saying Oppikoppi is like no other festival I have ever been to. It’s in the middle of nowhere, dusty, dry, thorny and hard.

Oppikoppi is a festival for people who live for festivals. People who live for music. Everyone there is there because they are passionate about the event. They are there for the party and the bands. All else is forsaken. Comfort, food and skin are sacrificed, willingly. And the inevitable answer to any question will always be ‘because this is Oppikoppi’.

Why am I bleeding? Why did I wake up under a car two kilometres from my tent with a broken knee and no specs? Why did I fall in a fire and have to be pulled out before my hair burst into flames? Why am I blowing blood out of my nose? Why am I sunburnt? Why am I dying of hypothermia?

Because this is Oppikoppi!

And LOADED was there in full force!

We partied, ate, danced, soaked up the sun, froze at night, told stories around a campfire, made new stories and new friends. We took a million photos and a million footsteps between the five stages, friends’ camp sites and the best potjie stand in South Africa.

All in all it was the most amazing festival. It was like nothing I could have ever expected and by the time it was done I was broken. Yet one day later I needed to go back. The people, the vibe, the music, the dust, I fell in love with it all. Real people, good music and lots and lots of Afrikaans. I was even thinking in Afrikaans by the end of the weekend.

One thing is for sure, I’ll be back next year. “

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And this was just a warm up to Rocking The Daisies! Keep an eye on this space because we have some exciting stuff planned.


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